I am so inspired by my clients and the ways each makes a difference in the world – to their families, their communities and beyond. Designing and implementing their most perfect spaces to empower this is built on the most supportive, inspiring and transforming process – ease in a situation that can otherwise be stressful.

Sudha Marsh in the studio ready to design your interior - Sudha Marsh Design, Interior Design, Interior Architecture

I have always loved two things – design and people

From an early age design was all important – Seeing the possibilities in the Victorian beauty we moved to at 7, pestering my parents with “and can we do this, and this and this…” to not much older spending as much time as possible in friends’ midcentury homes in deep appreciation of detail, materials, and new ways of experiencing and utilizing space  – the contemporary bent had started – although all great design was much appreciated.

With my first degrees in Sociology and Psychology, the love of people and collaboration carried through simultaneously with deep connection, the ability (and interest) to listen deeply, the desire for people to realize their dreams with supportive encouragement and the flexibility to work interactively, not holding to personal sensibilities or preferences but instead focusing on what is of benefit and interest to each individual; ultimately, what was most empowering.

After starting a family, I went on to study and graduate with a degree in interior design, then moving to California, the mecca for design and innovation, I worked and trained with some of the most prestigious Bay Area design firms, and in the early 90’s the joint venture of love of design and love of people was born as my own interior design company.  Passion for design was further inspired both in travel and appreciation of nature and the natural world. This brought sustainability to the forefront early on.

This inherent and deep love of design coincident and concurrent with the love of people and the intrinsic relations and relationships that has carried me forth in many iterations, many life altering and character forging departures and empowerments which were fully supported and empowered in the eventual contemporary practice of Balanced View where I  additionally became a trainer (one of my ways of making a difference). This naturally led to a new way of relating in the open pinnacle and pool of a service and solution orientation always with the best design principles practiced. My clients find me creative, collaborative, compassionate, empathetic and above all open with them and in general. I find the same in them.

Through my design practice, my intention and mission has been to create conditions and environments that serve the lives of her clients so completely that they are ongoingly nurtured, supported and increasingly inspired to make a difference in other their own and lives of many. Beauty, sustainability, respect, openness and just plain fun in the collaboration of all involved support all communications and decisions for a perfect home to be produced.


Comments from clients


"Never have we experienced the level of detail you brought to the design and construction of our home. You paid attention to each and every aspect of the design and your hard work and extensive effort was reflected in each room. You are a unique find in the interior design world and we look forward to working with you again sometime in the future."

Virginia, Holly Road & Palm Beach

"We've received so many compliments on how beautiful the house looks. We can not thank you enough for all that you did - from your vision all the way through the detailed execution. You made it a reality! Thank you so much. You are a gifted designer and kind soul. We are so fortunate to have worked with you and to have you as a friend!"

Mill Valley, CA